Wherever the valve application may be, GWC Italia offers advanced solutions for all liquid and gas (including Hydrogen) applications, whether in extreme cold or high temperature environments irrespective of elevation.

We manufacture pipeline Ball valves through to 64” NB, designed to ensure suitability and accommodate product throughput including further research into renewables, optimising specialist sealing technology, whether metal or soft seated.

Valve designs offered include Trunnion Mounted Side Entry bolted, Top Entry and All Welded designs for above ground or buried conditions. These valves take into consideration climatic and environmental challenges including those faced with internal cleaning and inspection tools.

Many of our Ball Valves are available from our distribution network upon request with Side Entry Ball Valves up to 36” NB.

Special internal coatings are applied when addressing very sour and erosive conditions, whether on dynamic seals or when fully clad solutions are required. Special solutions have been designed when asked to address critical areas – valves installed at launcher/receiver locations where debris face significant challenges or when addressing pipeline problems such as black powder.