Testing & Inspection

Adherence to International Codes

We test all valves in accordance with ASME, API and ISO international standards, latest edition. We also adhere to most individual country standards and information is available upon request.

Inspection Capabilities

We offer a wide range of multi-discipline inspections which can be applied to our valves including but not limited to Liquid Penetrant (LT), Magnetic Particle Examination (MT), Ultrasonic (UT), Positive Material Identification (PMI).

Furthermore, specialist and/or customer specific inspection requirements are available such as Radiographic (RT) examination and others.

Testing & Inspection
Testing & Inspection

Testing Facilities

Our major testing facilities cover the range of valves manufactured by GWC Italia, including Fugitive Emission, bunkered Gas testing, Pneumatic / Fluid testing, Cryogenic and High Temperature testing.

Specialist tests requiring varying temperature ranges and extended sequencing torque tests, including Subsea Hyperbaric and Environmental Test Chamber are also available.

Remote Camera testing

We have begun a program of Remote Testing utilizing specialized cameras and online videoconferencing system.

Clients connect to speed up witnessed testing, remove unnecessary travel and allow multiple users in multiple time zones to participate in testing programs.