GWC Italia offers advanced solutions for all liquid & gas applications in Offshore environments due to continued demand for Oil and Gas in shallow & deep waters.

Offshore regulations demand a wide range of technologies and adherence to the highest international pipeline design standards and safety integrity levels, encountering many more challenging conditions such as extreme weather, tidal sea currents, the general marine environment and high process flow/pressure requirements. Presence of chemicals and sand lead to corrosion and erosion, a significant factor to be taken into account when selecting valve materials and designs.

Offshore applications are also faced with limited space and associated access, in cases unmanned. GWC Italia provides solutions whether as ESD applications on riser pipelines, or compact weight and space saving Ball Valve designs for fixed and floating production operations. Important considerations are made with material selection to optimise valve suitability in such demanding conditions.

Special internal coatings are applied when addressing very sour and erosive conditions, whether on dynamic seals or when fully clad solutions are required. Options of body materials entirely in alloy or super alloys are also available.

GWC offer a complete range of Trunnion Ball Side Entry, Top Entry & Double Block & Bleed  soft and metal seated designs for Offshore production & storage including – MOPU (Mobile Offshore Production Unit), MODU (Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit), FSO (Floating Storage and Offloading), FPSO vessels (Floating Production, Storage, and Offloading), Fixed Platforms and many other individual applications.